Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Skin Disorder, Etiquette, and Bee Stings

I was going to write today about an article from teh Medical College of Georgia about green tea holding promise as a new treatment for skin disorders such as psoriasis and dandruff, but I got side-tracked by this piece fro the UK Telegraph:

"A seaside tea room is throwing out customers if they commit that most cardinal of sins - dunking their biscuits. Resting elbows on tables, clinking spoons on the sides of cups while stirring, using a mobile phone and being rude about the Queen or other Royals are also likely to lead to ejection from the Tea Cosy in Brighton. Now the strict code of 'tearoom etiquette' introduced by co-owner David Daly - and prominently displayed on every menu - is prompting debate on a Facebook site with some customers describing the rules as 'fascist'. "

For the full story, click: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/08/07/ntea107.xml.

I am glad that we are not taking ourselves so seriously.

This may be my last garden update -- I am not sure. Viewer mail seems to say, "Stick to tea." I foolishly mentioned my bees last week and as you would guess promptly got stung this weekend by an angry one (probably not a reader of this blog). Anyway, the bite was on the ear, and yes it is quite painful. Ice. Lots of ice, right away. Oh, yes, I was mowing high weeds near my garden to prevent the weed seeds from landing in the garden and I must have disturbed a nest or hive.

We live and we learn.

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