Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Selection of Jasmine Scented Teas

For Jasmine Tea Lovers: We've added several new Jasmine Scented Green and Oolong Teas, including an absolutely delightful China Jasmine Oolong Xiang Yun, and a new Mu Dan Blooming Tea Rose.

We've also changed to a new supplier for our Dragon Phoenix Pearls, by far the finest Pearls I have ever tried.

To see our new offerings, click over the Jasmine Scented Tea Page on our web site.

In addition to our USDA Certified Organic Jasmine Green, and our Pouching Jasmine Delight (pouchongs are lightly fermented teas, but not as fermented as an oolong), you will also find links to all of our popular teas.

As always, thanks for reading our blog.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Track Your Package" Now Available from Pot Luck Tea Company

We've added a new page to our web site to enable shoppers to track their orders directly from our web site. Simply enter your FEDEX tracking number or USPS tracking number in the box where indicated and click "Track" -- it is that simple.

FEDEX will send a tracking number to the email address you provided with your order when the package is accepted by Fedex for delivery. Tracking numbers from USPS will be sent directly from us for now until the USPS interface is operational.

To go to the new tracking page, click here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deeper Discounts on Yixing Teaware; New Selection

We've added some more teapots to our Yixing page on our web site and have increased some of the discounts. Some discounts now are at about 35%.

The "Texture" teapot (viewed right) is on sale for $20.00. It originally sold for $32.00. It is 12 ounces, very unusual, collectible and makes a great gift. Our remaining stock is limited, so please order today.

Also, we've discounted our popular Catwalk teapot (from $35.00, now $26.25) and our Catwalk Tea Mug (from $13.50, now $11.50).

All quanitites are limited and discounts are only available while supplies last. Check out our Yixing page on our website for the full selection and discount prices.

We are also planning some major changes to our web site over the next few weeks including order tracking, and a vast new selection of EU certified organic teas. Stay tuned.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tea Tasting: A Wonderful New EU Organic Assam (TGFOP)

I've just finished taste tests on a new Certified EU Organic Assam from Dethlefsen & Balk. Accurately described as a TGFOP (Tippy, Golden, Flowery, Orange, Pekoe), this tea is produced on the Sonarie Tea Estate, located in the Sibsagar district. According to local lore, JONAK (the tea's name) means "Assam's Moonlight." The tea garden's history can be traced back to 1874. The tea has a medium-large leaf with some golden tips, and it has a pleasant malty spiciness, very round in taste.

Pot Luck Tea is moving forward with our goal to switch over to all organic teas, with either USDA or EU Certifed Organic.

I truly enjoyed this tea and will definitely order it for our spring tea additions. Dethlefsen & Balk are members of the German and European Tea Councils.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Deep Discounts on Popular Yixing Teaware

Connoisseurs say the best cup of tea is brewed in a hand-made Chinese teapot made from the "purple clay" found near the Yangzi river. These teapots have been created in the Chinese province of Yixing (pronounced yee-shing) since the Sung Dynasty (960-1279). These works of art are both collectible and utilitarian.

For centuries, Yixing potters have fashioned teapots from the purple-brown clay of the region. The beautiful stoneware vessels became the models for the earliest European teapots in the late 17th century. Yixing pots were made in China until the communist revolution brought production to a halt. It wasn’t until the 1970s that Yixing potters resumed this ancient craft. Today Yixing pots are collected and treasured throughout the world.

Because they are not glazed, the clay pots absorb the tea. Over time, a layer of tea sediment forms and with subsequent use the pots retain the flavor, color and aroma of the tea. This is why it is best to use one kind of tea in your Yixing pot.

We are offering deep discounts on some of our most popular Yixing teapots and tea mugs.

Here are some examples:

  1. Catwalk Yixing Teapot, was $35.00, now $26.56
  2. Top Dog Yixing Teapot, was $19.00, now $14.25
  3. Yixing Catwalk Mug, was $13.50, now $11.50
  4. Covered Yixing Mug (pictured above), was $15.00, now $11.25
  5. Butterfly Glazed Teapot, was $28.00, now $21.00
  6. Cicada Bamboo Teapot, was $32.00, now $24.00
  7. Simplicity Yixing Tea Set, was $38.00, now $28.50
  8. White Glaze Yixing Tea Set, was $35.00, now $26.25
These prices are only valid while supplies last. To see the teaware, or to order, click here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shade-Grown, Certified Organic Yerba Mate

We have found a wonderful source for shade-grown, certified organic Yerba Mate from Brazil. Offered in one pound bags, we are confident that you will become a loyal Yerba Mate drinker. We also are offering a low introductory price of $12.00 per pound. To read more about it, or to order, click here.

Yerba Mate is a lightly stimulating beverage from South America with a mild amount of caffeine and just the right kick. Our Yerba Mate is organically grown and produces a light green beverage, with its characteristic sharp flavor.

Our Yerba Mate is untreated and contains no filler or flavoring agents, just pure organic shade grown Yerba Mate leaves. It does contain trace amounts of caffeine. Yerba Mate has over 196 active compounds, shadowing the active compounds in Green Tea which has about 144.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Culinary Herbs & Spices In Bulk Packages

We've added a link on our home page to a new section called "Culinary Herbs & Spices." We're starting small with just five items, but will add to the list as our sources of supply become more secure. All items will be either "Certified Organic" or "Cultivated Without Chemicals." Some will also be "Fair Trade." To start, we are offering:

Indonesian Cinnamon Sticks
Indonesian Ginger Root
Lavender Flowers from France
Star Anise From Vietnam
Jasmine Flowers from China

All are bulk packaged in one pound bags. Delivery is generally 7-10 days. To get to the Culinary Herbs & Spices page, click here.