Friday, August 10, 2007

The Great Leap Forward

We have finally (I even thought of capitalizing the letter "F") sorted out our supply problems with Japanese cast-iron teapots. I know the market is flooded with Chinese made "tetsubin" and that there have been an abundance of low priced, cheaply made Chinese cast-iron pots that look like the original Japanese pots. We have stuck with Iwachu (Made in Japan) and have begun receiving shipments this week. I personally apologize to those customers that have had to wait. Paperwork received indicates that we are going to be getting a fair amount of inventory over the next few weeks and should have all items in stock again by Labor Day. For those tea drinkers who know -- there really is a difference.

For those who wish to contribute to our school supply drive, please send me an e-mail at Basically, we will collect and distribute school supplies free of charge to anyone who claims a need. Donations are not tax deductible - we are not a registered charity -- this is just a do-the-right-thing kind of thing. Bookbags, calculators, pencils, etc. are all appreciated. School starts in a few weeks.

Finally, I don't usually use this forum to tout other web sites, but I wanted to tell you about Freecycle. I moderate our local Rockland County freecycle through yahoo groups. The goal is to give things away with no strings attached and to receive free items that would otherwise end up in landfills. There is a lot of good that can be done in the world; the trick is to get started somewhere, doing something. After all -- there is Power in Our Union.