Monday, August 27, 2007

Seems Reasonable; Boston Tea Party Museum; End of Summer Sale

A Class Act

Actress Jane Seymour has responded to protestors camped outside her English country home in a unique way - by instructing her butler to serve them tea. More than 50 of the star’s neighbours arrived at her estate near Bath to dispute a 24 hour entertainment licence granted to St Catherine’s Court, a venue which Seymour rents out for functions.

Locals complain the noise and increase in traffic is making their lives miserable.
Instead of confronting the protestors, Seymour’s estate manager Hein van Borstenbosch provided them with refreshments, in fine bone china, and accepted a 200-signature petition.

I can't comment on the merits of the dispute, but I definitely agree that serving tea was the right thing to do.

Boston Tea Party

I heard today that the Museum of the Boston Tea Party had another devastating fire. The museum was set to re-open next year after a prior fire closed it down.

End of Summer Sale

Stand by for some price markdowns on discontinued items. Also, we had a bit of trouble filling all of last year's gift basket orders. We are basically only offering two baskets this year. To guarantee delivery, please order early.