Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Deep Discounts on Popular Yixing Teaware

Connoisseurs say the best cup of tea is brewed in a hand-made Chinese teapot made from the "purple clay" found near the Yangzi river. These teapots have been created in the Chinese province of Yixing (pronounced yee-shing) since the Sung Dynasty (960-1279). These works of art are both collectible and utilitarian.

For centuries, Yixing potters have fashioned teapots from the purple-brown clay of the region. The beautiful stoneware vessels became the models for the earliest European teapots in the late 17th century. Yixing pots were made in China until the communist revolution brought production to a halt. It wasn’t until the 1970s that Yixing potters resumed this ancient craft. Today Yixing pots are collected and treasured throughout the world.

Because they are not glazed, the clay pots absorb the tea. Over time, a layer of tea sediment forms and with subsequent use the pots retain the flavor, color and aroma of the tea. This is why it is best to use one kind of tea in your Yixing pot.

We are offering deep discounts on some of our most popular Yixing teapots and tea mugs.

Here are some examples:

  1. Catwalk Yixing Teapot, was $35.00, now $26.56
  2. Top Dog Yixing Teapot, was $19.00, now $14.25
  3. Yixing Catwalk Mug, was $13.50, now $11.50
  4. Covered Yixing Mug (pictured above), was $15.00, now $11.25
  5. Butterfly Glazed Teapot, was $28.00, now $21.00
  6. Cicada Bamboo Teapot, was $32.00, now $24.00
  7. Simplicity Yixing Tea Set, was $38.00, now $28.50
  8. White Glaze Yixing Tea Set, was $35.00, now $26.25
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