Friday, January 29, 2010

"Buy The Pound"

We've made some changes here at Pot Luck Tea Company. Most of our customers buy tea by-the-pound. For years we had kept a double inventory of four ounce bags and larger one pound bags. We've eliminated the smaller packages to keep our costs down and hold the pound prices where they have historically been. So, while most tea companies raised prices by 5-11% last year, we've held prices at 2005 levels. We should also have an easier time with inventory management, and ship our orders more quickly.

We've sold out of our Iwachu cast-iron tetsubin tea kettles and will not be re-stocking them.

Finally, we continue deep discounts on our Yixing teaware. We still have a fair amount of inventory though some items have dwindled down to just a few pieces remaining.

As a "thank-you" please use coupon code "sophie" for 10% off any order over $25.00.