Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Organic Teas Available at Gardenia Organic

New York's first environmentally & socially conscious florist is now open and offering our Organic and Fair Trade teas, including our Earl Grey with Bergamot from France, our proprietary English Breakfast Blend, our Organic Fair Trade Darjeeling, our Organic Rooibos, our EU certified Masala and Green Chais, and many, many others. Before you decide it's just another scheme to jump on the green fashion wagon, educate yourself a bit. Read on...

Conventionally grown flowers are laden with chemicals - highly toxic & carcinogenic ones. They're bad for the health of you, the farmers that grow them and our water. 70% of all flowers sold in the US are imported, primarily from Columbia & Ecuador. Foreign flower workers are exposed to 25 different pesticides not used in the US because they are so dangerous - how ironic that they end up here anyway. And 20% of Ecuador's 60,000 flowers workers are children

Gardenia Organic only sells flowers that have been grown using environmentally and socially conscious practices. Beautiful flowers that fully reflect and encompass the heartfelt sentiment with which they are intended. And they won't cost you a penny more than those other yucky ones. So next time you're buying flowers, think of the difference you can make to someone's life by buying VeriFlora certified from Gardenia Organic. Find them at 526 Hudson Street (just north of Christopher), New York, NY 10014. (646) 688-5753