Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tea Has Arrived In New York

As we plan our entry into the retail tea world, we note the following:

Last March, Tavalon Tea Bar (22 E 14th Street) opened, offering more than 30 varieties of tea—and an on-site DJ.

T Salon (75 Ninth Avenue) and Gramstand (214 Avenue A) appeared last winter: The former trumpets itself “the first environmentally sustainable tea bar-cafĂ©-market in the world!,” while the latter boasts “Zen-like industrial design” and more than 50 types of leaves.

In August, Sanctuary T (337B West Broadway) opened with a similarly mind-boggling array. A month later, Tafu (569 Lexington Avenue) brought premium Japanese teas to midtown.

And in the coming weeks, Amai Tea and Bake House (171 Third Avenue), whose coveted sweets are sold at Takashimaya, will open its first retail space. We plan to offer Amai's treasures through our web site in the very near future.

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