Monday, September 24, 2007

Thank You For The Kind Words; Back to Bricks & Mortar

Kind Words

I do not normally do this, but we received some very nice words from a customer recently and I wanted to share:

"A moment to commend this product...This has to be the most beautiful jasmine tea I've ever tasted, even better than the traditional jasmine black tea: the scent of jasmine is strong but not overpowering or artificial (and I do love the whole flowers floating around), and the green tea is soft and sweet, never bitter even if I let it steep too long. Thank you for offering such a soul refreshing product."

. . . . N.K., Reading, PA

Sometimes we think we are just selling tea, but the truth is that we also provide our customers with a genuine positive experience.

Bricks & Mortar

I did not think we would ever return to bricks and mortar. Happiness can definitely be found selling on the internet. But we never really know what the universe has in store for us. We have begun a search for a retail site. Any input is appreciated (as always).